Heartbreak of mum whose daughter dies in pram while they're out shopping

This is just heart-wrenching...

August 30 2018

A distraught mum discovered her 12-week-old daughter had died as they were out shopping for dresses.

Poor Gemma Williams had taken little Lexi out shopping with her on an early-morning trip to the sales in Wales when she realised her little girl was unresponsive.

‘It was early and I went shopping in the Next sale and wanted to find Lexi some pretty dress,' she revealed.

‘I had left Next and started walking back to my car. I touched her face expecting a reaction from her but nothing. I picked her up, calling her name but still nothing.

‘I stopped a car asking for help, the driver said she was fine but I knew there was something wrong, so I ran back to Next and screamed for help while stripping her down just in the entrance.

After her death, post-mortem examinations found she had an undetected case of Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Drainage (TAPVD) and a hole in her heart. This means her little body struggled to get oxygen flowing around it.


Lexi with her dad, Jason/Facebook

Lexi with her dad, Jason/Facebook

Now, Gemma has set up a support group for bereaved parents near where she lives in a bid to try and come to terms with losing her beloved little girl. She admits she struggled to get out of bed after her sudden and tragic death. 

'It never leaves you, losing a child, you never really get over it, it stays with you,' admits Gemma.

'We think about Lexi every day because she was such a huge part of our lives.'

Gemma now has a son, Oliver.

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