The meaning behind this mum’s touching picture is just beautiful

This photo has had more than three million views and it's not hard to see why

March 25 2019

When Carrie Schneiders took this picture on the day her husband, Clete, died she had no idea the reaction it would receive across the globe. 

But the touching photo of hospital staff forming an honour guard for her husband as he is wheeled past them on his way to donate his organs, has gone viral with more than three million people reacting to the photo. 

Carrie, Clete and their children Credit: Facebook

Carrie, Clete and their children Credit: Facebook

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Clete died on June 21, 2018 when a piece of steak became lodged in his throat and he collapsed at the family dinner table.

Paramedics raced him to hospital where he was placed on life support but as his brain had been starved of oxygen for more than 30 minutes, the doctors advised Carrie - a mum of three - to turn off the machines keeping him alive. 

Carrie, whose children Trent, nine, Cletey, four and Samantha, two were with their dad when he died, chose to donate Clete’s organs and as a mark of respect, hospital staff formed this honour guard as he was wheeled past them just before his organs were donated

American Carrie, whose youngest daughter Sammie has Down’s Syndrome, is staggered at the reaction this photo has received.

“I never thought it would get more than three million views,” she said emotionally. ”Clete donated his kidneys and his liver and I have met the recipient of his liver which helped so much with the grieving.” 




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