EXCLUSIVE: Tiffiny Hall shares how to reset your health in just three hours

When 2020 gives you lemons ... use my 3-hour reset rule!

Founder of online health and fitness program, TIFFXO / October 06 2020

Tiffiny Hall's 3 hour reset rule turns a bad day good!

Tiffiny Hall's 3 hour reset rule turns a bad day good!

Then there was media pressure to bounce back (after I’d put on 30kg during pregnancy) and social media pressure to share the perfect baby bubble, which for me was just a blur of milk stained clothing, dirty nappies and half eaten snacks!

Early on I decided that unless I learned to hit the reset button when things didn’t go to plan as a mother, then nothing would ever get done. So I created my '3 hour reset rule' and I’ve never looked back.

Every 3 hours was a fresh start; a reset, just like waking up in the morning with a sparkling new day ahead of you. I would hit the reset button and eat a healthy meal, give myself the chance to do that workout I didn’t get done earlier because Arnold wouldn’t go down for his nap, or face the laundry that 3 hours ago I was hiding from. It was my saviour.

Motherhood obstacles can be overcome, but cut yourself some slack.

Motherhood obstacles can be overcome, but cut yourself some slack.

Arnold is now 3 and we’re at the tail end of 2020 – the year of the unexpected, uncertain and unravelling. It’s never been more crucial to master the hitting of the reset button physically and emotionally. From a health perspective, 2020 has meant a number of things such as heightened anxiety, lack of routine, less movement and a lack of motivation. No doubt, a case of the ‘blahs’ has been hanging around too – ‘blah’ skin, feeling ‘blah’, bloating ‘blahs’, the works.

So here are some tips on how to live by the reset rules and combat some of these obstacles:


Your morning routine sets you up with healthy intentions for the day (and maybe less resets). I like to get up early and start the day with a hot lemon water to hydrate and aid digestion for the day. Then move! Move any way you can. I love my TIFFXO home workouts because they’re fast, fun and easy to pause and play throughout the day (if I get interrupted). You can do them anywhere, any time. 

Control the controllable!

Control the controllable!


Your overall mood and mindset can have ripple effects, which is why I like to apply my 3-hour reset rule to all aspects of life. If you missed the train on the way to work, your car broke down, or you dropped your phone and the screen cracked, don’t let it ruin your day. Take a moment to be angry or frustrated, then reset to get back on track.


At the heart of the reset is this: You can’t control everything in life, but you can control the controllables – YOUR mindset, YOUR reactions, YOUR nutrition, YOUR exercise. You’re the boss of that.


I always tell my clients, TIFFXO members, friends and family that the “past is in the past”. Don’t get stuck beating yourself up over something that happened yesterday. Chasing your goals with dedication and determination is great, but accepting that there will be bumps along the way (you’re human after all) and having the ability to keep moving instead of dwelling in the past is key.

You’re going to have good days and bad days; ups and downs.

You’re going to have good days and bad days; ups and downs.


Remember, there are going to be days where you go off script: when mum makes her famous cupcakes or you make it onto your friend’s iso-intimate wedding invite list. These events deserve to be enjoyed, so do not fear them, decline the invitation or deprive yourself. Make time for self-care and simply enjoying life – then hit reset and get right back on track afterwards.


You’re going to have good days and bad days; ups and downs. I couldn’t live without my TIFFXO community where I find buckets of love and support to help turn those crappy days into great ones. If you’re setting out on your own health journey, find a reset buddy, community or relative who can help keep you accountable, motivated and encouraged.


Sometimes I laugh at this. I tried to meditate the other day and Arnold came and sat on my head in Child’s Pose – it wasn’t relaxing. But I reset and redid the Release and Relax TIFFXO Flow session when he went to bed. And just like that, I meditated and managed a mindful moment.

A happy mind truly does equal a happy body – it’s amazing the relationship between our physical health and our brains! To ensure you get some “me time”, my meditations on TIFFXO are short and sharp – plus they’re perfect for beginners, so anyone can give them a go, guru or not.

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