Little girl with brain tumour pleads for help

She's desperate to play sport again...

September 03 2018

A young Queensland girl has appealed for help to raise money for life-saving surgery after discovering she has a brain tumour.

Nine-year-old Charli Berghauser found she had the 11mm by 9mm pineal cystic tumour in the middle of her brain last October after she had the ‘worst headache ever’.

Credit: Go Fund Me

Credit: Go Fund Me


Charli, from Jimboomba in Queensland, admits that sometimes the pain in her head is so bad she can’t tell her mum because she doesn’t want her to worry. ‘I’m quite good when it comes to pain, I can handle it cause I’m tough,’ Charli wrote on her GoFundMe page. ‘Sometimes I can’t, and I tell my mum. But I don’t like her to worry all the time.’

The surgery, due to be performed by world-famous surgeon Dr Teo, is estimated to cost $100,000.

The little girl admits that she is missing school because she can’t get rid of the pains inside her head and she doesn’t feel like herself.

‘Sometimes it’s because no one understands me, and sometimes I don’t even know until my mum has to calm me down,’ she wrote. ‘Since finding out about my Cystic Tumour, I haven’t been allowed to do what I love.’

Charli on Go Fund Me

Charli on Go Fund Me


Charli is no longer able to play on a jumping castle or a trampoline, and has had to give up playing rugby, a sport she has played for four years and loves. 

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