WATCH: The moment this wife tells her husband they're having triplets - and his reaction is PRICELESS!

"What are you telling me?"

March 12 2019

A wife secretly filmed her husband's reaction to discovering she was pregnant - with triplets!

The mum-of-two decided to visit her husband at his work, hide her iPhone in her pocket, and then she handed him the ultra sound scan with the proof there were three babies on the way.

Then, Stephanie Valas shared the video of her husband’s wave of emotions on YouTube as the penny dropped and he realised he was going to be a dad of five!



 “Do you see anything different?” asks Stephanie. 

He responds,  “A… B… C… I don’t understand, what's wrong? Is there something wrong?”

An emotional Stephanie replies, “This is a picture of baby A, this is a picture of baby B and this is a picture baby C.”

“OK?” her husband asks, confused about what he was seeing.

Stephanie then adds, “That's all of them in one.”

Now glaring with wide eyes, her husband pauses and remains totally speechless for a few seconds before asking, “We’re having three babies? Are you serious?

“One, two, three?”

He breaks into laughter before reaffirming: “Three? Are you serious?” while holding up three fingers.

Watch the happy moment here!



A tearful Stephanie then says, “We’re having three babies.”

As the news of their impending triplets begins to sink in, her husband stands still for a few moments- stuck for words!

“Holy f***” he shouts.

“Are they healthy? Is everything as it should be?

“This is amazing, it’s great.”

Tearful Stephanie can be heard welling up at her husband's reaction, especially when he starts talking about getting a bigger house!

The video has been watched a staggering 1million times on YouTube with many praising the dad for he's thrilled reaction to such earth-shattering news!



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