Parents spot VERY X-rated mistake on Peppa Pig yoghurt pot – can you see it?


March 11 2019

Parents were forced to do a double-take when they saw this yoghurt pot in the supermarket.

The kids’ snack, which is decorated with characters from the hit TV show Peppa Pig, looks very cute from a distance.

But, a printing error means that Suzy Sheep is left looking very, very strange.

Peppa's friend looks like she has three ears and an extra eye!

Another amusing side-effect saw a bizarre shape dangle between the character’s legs!





When a snap of the packaging was posted onto viral website Reddit, it proved very popular with many giggling

at the photo, and some questioning if Suzy Sheep is actually male, not female!

Another joked: “Oh God, Suzy Sheep is actually Suzy Ram.”

Other mums and dads were a more horrified by the revelation.

One commenter admitted: “I didn’t want to see that but I have and I don’t know how I feel.”

A second added: “That’s actually quite disturbing. I can't un-see it"

Poor Peppa has been in the news recently following the scary Momo Challenge. Parents claimed that their toddlers were watching YouTube cartoons of the show which were then hacked by the ghoulish creature, Momo. 

YouTube admitted they were investigating and would be removing all videos as soon as they were reported. 



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