Mother outraged as school tells her that Greek yoghurt and Vegemite cruskits are 'sometimes foods'

Not again!

February 15 2019

A Melbourne mum has taken to Facebook to vent her frustration after her daughter’s yoghurt and Vegemite snacks were deemed unhealthy according to her kindergarten’s policy.

The mum, who wishes to remain anonymous, was appalled when her daughter wasn’t allowed to eat her organic Greek yoghurt pouch or a snack of Cruskits with Vegemite and cheese. Instead, the foods were sent home with a note informing her that these were ‘sometimes’ foods.

This example highlights what appears to be a growing trend with school’s ‘healthy eating policies’ clashing with the rights of the parents to feed their children.

Similarly, a South Australian mum shared her fury after her girl wasn’t allowed a piece of cake. Instead, she received a condescending note with a frown face.

Another mum was upset that her child wasn’t allowed to eat the home made chocolate slice she had packed. 

Some parents have expressed concern that constant policing of children’s food will encourage an unhealthy relationship with eating at a young age.

Other parents say schools are setting unreasonable expectations, and what matters is that children are getting fed - not what’s on the menu.

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