Pregnant mum leaves 5-year-old son home alone - but REFUSES to believe it's wrong

She what?

March 08 2019

A mum left her five-year-old son at home while she went to buy lunch to fix her pregnancy craving – but refuses to believe she did anything wrong.

The mum went on Reddit to explain that her partner was upset with her for leaving the little boy, Brent, home alone while she raced to the shops for an hour.

‘I’m 34-weeks pregnant,” she explained. “I have a 5-year-old son (stay at home mother) my fiancé works 6 days per week. This makes it extremely hard for me to leave the house.’

She added, ‘It’s a pain being pregnant and having to get my son ready and in the car, so I usually leave him at home behind my fiance’s back (no judgement please) well today I got caught out.’

She added that her son’s lunch (chicken nuggets) was in the oven and she assumed she would be home in time to serve it to him.

However, her partner clearly got home before her and was horrified that their son was being left at home with no supervision.



‘My son is potty-trained and just plays games on his I-pad/watches TV. I get these messages from my fiancé 30 minutes after I’ve left.’

But rather than feeling full of sorrow and sadness for her actions, she was hoping for support over how angry her fiancé was.

He wrote: ‘I just got home why the f**** is Brent here by himself are you crazy’

‘You left chicken nuggets in the oven with it on with our son home by himself. How do you not see this is wrong.’

After his texts, the mum threatened to leave him because of the way her spoke to her accusing him of mental abuse.

She put the whole text chat on Reddit but probably regretted it about ten minutes later when she was unceremoniously  told exactly what people thought.



“She knowingly left her young 5-year-old kid at home alone unsupervised with the oven on. That’s insanity,” one person commented.

“I mean I might argue a kid can handle themselves for a bit, but a whole hour, with the oven running, no food ready, while she is out at a mall???” another wondered.

A third pointed out: “just get food delivered if you’re that desperate, wtf.”

And, despite many pointing out that they were left home as children, few had sympathy for the pregnant mum.


What do you think of the mum's actions?



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