SHOCK US REPORT: Prince Harry names his 'real dad' as his new baby's godfather!

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Writer / March 08 2019

An American magazine report has sensationally claimed that Prince Harry has named the godfather of his new baby as Mark Dyer - the former aid to Prince Charles.

The US tabloid outrageously claims, Harry - who is having his first baby with Meghan Markle in April -  sees Dyer as "his real dad". 

The bizarre report in the National Enquirer,  notes that Harry and Mark have always been very close.



Mark Dyer was a special guest at Harry's wedding and he came into his life when he was hired in 1995 at Charles' aide. 

“He’s been there for Harry during every tragedy and triumph. Frankly, it was Mark, not Charles, who virtually raised the prince,” an insider is reported to have said. "He bonded with Harry like the boy was his own.”

Certainly, the former Welsh Guards officer Dyer, 52 – who owns one of Harry’s favourite pubs in London has been a confidante of Harry’s since he was appointed his “equerry” – or “surrogate father” – when the redhead royal was reeling from the 1997 Paris car crash death of his mother Diana.



Mark Dyer/Getty

Mark Dyer/Getty


Mystery surrounds who will REALLY be the godparents for the royal baby - due in April. 


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