There's a new Momo Challenge - but this time it's Jason Momoa!

Oh my!

March 06 2019

The Momo Challenge was scary enough but now there's a new viral sensation sweeping social media - and while we were happy to say farewell to the original Momo, we're not sure about this one either.

"Jason Momoa Challenge" is going around that's taking photos of our beloved Aquaman and Game of Thrones actor and turning him into something quite horrid.

It's an attempt to make light of the original Momo Challenge which scared children, but can everyone STOP making Jason Momoa look quite so disgustingly scary please?

Warning - if you're a Jason Momoa fan you might want to look away...



Those horrible bulging eyes and creepy grin of the original ghoulish figure are enough to make us adults want to hide under the doona, forget the kids.

So despite the fact that this "Momo Challenge" has Jason Momoa's muscular body, perfect long hair, and was meant to be a viral joke, it's still the stuff of Momo nightmares.


As Twitter users created their own NEW Momo Challenge figures, most social media users found it funny, including one mum who had tried to make Momo pretty, but a few feel that it's still giving air to online activity that should be shut down and the #momochallenge should be banned.





What do you think?