Want to know how clever your toddler is? Find out with THIS simple SULTANA test!

This test claims you can discover how clever your toddler will be by the age of eight! Yes, really...

April 15 2019


Some bizarre research has found that a 'sultana test' can predict how smart your toddler will be at school and how well they should be able to focus on their lessons.

Yes, that's right. Who knew a wrinkly bit of dried fruit had so much power?!

Academics at the University of Warwick in the UK used a sultana and plastic cup to test a group of toddlers and printed their results in the Journal of Paediatrics.

They placed the sultana or raisin under the cup and asked toddlers to wait until they were told they could touch and eat the raisin. 

The toddlers, who were around 20 months old, were asked to wait for 60 seconds.

They found that the children who obeyed instructions and waited before eating the raisin later did better at school than those who just dived in and gobbled it up.



Several years later when the children were eight they were tested again, using three different tests that assessed academic achievement AND attention spans.

The toddlers who managed to resist temptation when they were little were found to have an IQ which was seven points HIGHER at 8 than those who had originally grabbed the sultana and scoffed it! 

Lead researcher Professor Deieter Wolke revealed, "The raisin game is an easy and effective tool that is good at assessing inhibitory control in young children, takes only 5 minutes, and can be used in clinical practice to identify children at risk of attention and learning problems."

While it all sounds so easy, what if your toddler was really hungry? Or didn't actually like sultanas? Or was having a bad day?

We're not sure it's as fool-proof as it sounds!

Just recently researchers also found that if a mum-to-be has bad morning sickness, she is likely to have a baby with a high IQ  and there are also studies that claim to prove if you're the first-born child in a family your IQ will officially be 2 points higher than your brothers and sisters. 

So while this sultana test might amuse you and your toddler for a while, we're not sure we should all be placing a WHOLE lot of emphasis on these results!


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