Baby falls from 6th-floor window and is miraculously saved by a parked car


Writer / April 12 2019

A 20-month-old baby fell from a six-floor window in Washington, US, but miraculously survived when he landed on a parked car, which broke his fall.

According to Q13 news, the man who owned the car usually drives to work but decided to take his bike that day instead. Had he not, the baby would most likely not have survived.

The toddler was playing on a mattress by an open window at Redmond Square Apartments, with his four-year-old sister when he fell through the window. When his sister turned around, he had vanished.

The little girl ran into the next room where her mother was and told her "something bad happened."

The children's mother immediately called emergency services, who arrived to find the boy alive but with serious injuries and crying.

"That's when I found out the kid had fallen on my car," neighbor Edward Lu said.


Q13 News

Q13 News

"It's around 60 to 70 feet," said James Perry, a spokesman for the Redmond Police Department. "If the car had not been there, this would be a completely different story. The denting on top of the car actually suggests that it absorbed a lot of the impact from the child landing on it."

"If I had driven in today, I don't know what would've happened," Lu told the news outlet. "We're all lucky, I guess, that I biked in rather than driving in."

When asked whether he believes in miracles, Lu said, "I can't say that I do normally, but this time, man, I don't know how else I could term it."

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