Little boy shaves his head AND his sister's - and their mum's reaction is priceless!

Their mum's reaction is priceless!

April 14 2019

A little boy gave himself and his sister an unusual new hairstyle after finding an electric hair shaver at home!

Stephie Leigh, from USA, was horrified and tearful when she saw the results of little Teddy's haircutting skills on himself and on his sister, Eloise!



Teddy hacked at his own locks before cutting his sister hair's in a haphazard fashion from the back. It's thought he also shaved his little brother Freddy's hair too!

And when Stephie asked her daughter: "Do you like your new haircut?" she immediately replied: "No", prompting the mum to ask: "Why did you let your brother do that?"

But her son insisted: "She said she liked me doing that a lot and I did it and we wanted to show you."



The mum, a nurse who in the shower getting ready for a night shift at the hospital during her son's hair hacking session cried before realising that she was upsetting her kids. Trying to re-gain her composure she said,  "OK it's just hair and it's going to grow back and Mummy's OK."

But Eloise wasn't exactly loving her new look, telling Stephie: "Mummy, I look like a boy."

Her mum reassured her: "No you don't look like a boy. You're a beautiful girl. It doesn't matter," while her brother helpfully added: "Your face looks like a girl."

Adorably, Eloise also asked: "Mummy can you put your hair on my head?"

The kids uncle showed off his sister's Instagram story of the moment she discovered the new hairstyles and it makes for quite the viewing - watch below!



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