WATCH: Former Kmart employee reveals how to get DISCOUNTS

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Content Editor / April 12 2019

A former Kmart employee has shared her top tips for shopping at the cult chain store.

Sydney video producer Rita Kaminski, 23, worked at Kmart for four years, and has some clever hacks for getting value for money while shopping there.

In a video posted to her YouTube channel in January, Rita shared a list of Kmart hacks to “get the best deals” to her followers. Watch below! 

Her tips include getting refunds or exchanges on products, knowing when the best sales happen, and a clever barcode hack to get a better price on items.

She also said the best time to grab a bargain is after a major holiday - Christmas, Easter and Boxing Day. So if you want to stock up on pressies or chocolate, get to Kmart on these days!

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