Why do people think it's OK to shame a boy with long hair?

Kourtney Kardashian's son is copping a lot of flak

December 07 2018

Kourtney Kardshian's three-year-old son, Reign, has been shamed over his long hair - and now people are asking why that's OK.

Little Reign featured in an Instagram post on Scott Disick's page with the caption 'Dream Boy'. The toddler was pictured eating a doughnut on a couch in a white shirt (which in itself has raised more than enough questions with us, but anyway...) but the comments alongside focussed on his long hair.

Dream boy 👦
Dream boy 👦


'Cut his damn hair,' said one commenter. "Is that a girl or a boy?' wrote another. 'Whoops, looks like a girl'

'GET HIS HAIR CUT,' said another.

 “I thought that was Penelope,” one user wrote, while another added, “Looks more like a dream girl.” 

This isn’t the only time that Scott has been shamed for his son’s look! When Kourtney posted a picture with Reign by the pool, rocking long wet hair and orange swim trunks, fans had the same negative response.


Christmas shopping
Christmas shopping


But why is this ever OK?

Surely as parents, you can cut (or not cut) your child's hair however you would like? 

And as one mum who's a fan of long hair on a boy says, 'It's no-one's choice but mine'

'I’ve always liked long hair on men,' says Elizabeth Broadbent  'I used to beg my college boyfriends to grow their hair; I spent fruitless years trying to keep my husband from the hairdresser. I loved the way long hair looked on little boys. So I knew that when I had boys, I’d grow their hair out.

But others feel it's cruel to let a boy be mistaken for a girl when they go out. 

'Why add in a layer of anxiety when you don't need to?,' says Danielle Smith. 'Stop people asking him if he's a boy or a girl. Now.'

What do you think?