STOP! This dog teaching a baby to crawl is officially the cutest thing you will see today!

There is no question!

September 26 2018

Sit down, make a cup of tea and relax, this is the only video you need to say today - BECAUSE IT IS RIDICULOUSLY CUTE!

The video by mum Claire Done has had more than 29,000 views since she put it on Facebook and it's not hard to see why!

On September 21, Clare shared the video of her Chihuahua, Pablo, trying to teach her baby son, Zak, to crawl. The UK mum captioned the video "Just a dog showing his baby brother how to crawl" with a laughing emoji. 

In a comment on the post, Clare admits that little Pablo and Zak are best friends. 'He has taken so well to Zak, I was quite worried at first but he is so good with him.'

Certainly looks like it!

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