New twist in Coles Little Shop collectables - and no-one saw this coming!

It's a social media phenomenon!

August 26 2018

There’s a new twist in the story of the Coles Little Shop collectables – and fans can’t get enough!

A new trend has emerged following the huge success of the promotion which involves collecting miniature versions of items on sale in the stores. Every time you spend $30 at Coles you get one Little Shop collectable and there are 30 to collect. 

But the supermarket chain couldn’t have predicted just how many fans would love watching people unbox their collectables online.

Thousands have been flocking to unboxing channels on YouTube to watch the Little Shop collectables be un-wrapped and then placed in the special dispay case. There are several sites offering the Coles Little Shop unboxing experience and some have had nearly 40,000 views.

Unboxing is a social media phenomenon where viewers can watch someone remove a newly bought product from its packaging and examine it. It’s generally popular with children who watch others open toys. 

But few guessed that the Coles Little Shop mini collectables would be so popular with one page wracking up nearly 40,000 views and hundreds of comments from die-hard fans.

‘I love this,’ said one fan. ‘It’s kind of like getting them yourself but without the hassle of shopping for them. It’s the thrill of ‘what will we get next?’

Do your kids love Coles Little Shop minis?

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