The amazing moment a boy who has autism zips up his jacket

Never take the small things for granted.

March 23 2017

Sharing the moment her son, who has autism, zips up his jacket on the Love What Matters Facebook page, mum Mandy Farmer explains how big of a deal something so simple is to an “autism family”.

"You know how we say autism families don't take things for granted?" Farmer asks in her caption. "This is what we mean."

Farmer explains the struggles her six-year-old son, known only as “E”, has with his fine-motor skills.

He can't write yet or draw a square. And honestly those things don't concern me as much as the self-care fine motor issues,” said Farmer. 

“Opening packages, dressing, feeding himself with a utensil. People have no idea how hard our kids have to work to be able to accomplish these tasks consistently.”

While E has access to therapies, the mum points out that not all children do.

"He has been doing this program for about a month and is now zipping independently, but I want you to be mindful of how much effort it still takes.

"When we give our kids the opportunity they can work hard and reach a higher potential. It is so exciting to see him meet these milestones, even if they're met on a different timeline than that of his peers."

See the video here.

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