This life-like puppy is an ice-cream cake!

And it only costs $8!

August 24 2018

A cafe in Taiwan is making dog-shaped ice cream treats, and people are freaking out!

Each ice-cream dog from The Art Kitchen takes up to five hours to make. They come in three dog breeds with different flavours. The Labrador is earl grey-flavored. The Pug is chocolate and the Shar Pei is peanut flavour!

Credit: Instagram

Credit: Instagram

And although you might imagine they’re really expensive, each ice-cream cake costs between 100 and 188 Taiwanese dollars which is about $8 in Australian dollars

Unsurprisingly, these life-like cakes are so popular on social media, the makers are having trouble keeping up with demand, so they can only make 100 dogs per day!

Could you make this cake for your child’s next birthday party, perhaps?!