WOW! This amazing Tim Tam cake will blow your mind!

It's five-tiers and amazing!

August 23 2018

Yes, it’s true! This is a five-tier cake made entirely of Tim Tam biscuits – all 2009 of them to be exact!

The cake was made by the amazing food blogger and chef Phoodie. She created it for an engagement party for 250 guests in Sydney.



On Phoodie’s website she reveals that she used several different flavours of Tim Tam in the cake including Original, Honeycomb, Double Choc Vanilla, Turkish Delight, and Choc Orange.Nearly 4kg of milk chocoat

Over the course of the night the guests ate 400 of the biscuits which meant there were 1600 left over!



Phoodie revealed on her website that the cake was for her brother and it took her and a helper about five hours - and it was a collaboration with Arnott’s who make Tim Tams which mean she didn't have to pay for all those biscuits!

WOW! Just wow!

Visit Phoodie here!

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