SOLVED! Panicked mum removes black slime from hair with THIS wonder ingredient!


May 21 2019

Ever tried to get slime out of a child’s hair?

We can pretty much guarantee that if you have, you will NEVER, EVER forget it.

But now an Aussie mum has revealed her super-slime-removal hack – and it could well be a life-changer!

Nicolette Opperman, 35, was left horrified when her toddler son Jordan, 2,  poured a whole pot of sparkly, grey slime over his head and it was stuck, fast, in his blonde hair!

Unsurprisingly, the mum-of-two wasn't too sure how she should remove the glue-based goo (with added glitter, of course) that every kid just loves and turned to social media for advice.

Posting on the Facebook group Mums Who Clean, Nicolette wrote: "URGENT help please.

"My son thought it would be a great idea to put slime in his hair. How can I get it out without cutting his hair?"


Facebook/Nicolette Opperman

Facebook/Nicolette Opperman


There were more than 370 suggestions from the members of the group and they included using peanut butter (which apparently works wonders at removing chewing gum from hair) to bicarbonate of soda to dissolve the glue and the glitter.

But it was a bottle of coconut oil that saved the day!

Posting a photo of her son's slime-free beautiful blonde locks afterwards, the mum wrote: "Thank you for all the tips.

"Ended up using coconut oil and a comb. Took about 40 minutes but he was a trooper and it is all out."


Facebook/Nicolette Opperman

Facebook/Nicolette Opperman



Coconut oil's greasy yet moisturising natural formula makes it ideal for removing stubborn substances.

Another mum revealed olive oil managed has similar properties – and she removed spray paint from her child's hair with it!

She wrote: "My daughter got hold of a spray can of paint one day and literally sprayed her brother's hair pink!

"I was not happy. I smothered his hair in olive oil (coconut will work too), let it sit and combed with a lice comb. Takes forever but you will get it out."

Great tips!

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