Dad’s nappy bag hack will make your life easier

This could save you some serious money

May 09 2017

A dad’s diaper bag hack has left many wondering why they didn’t think of this sooner.

Sharing his light bulb moment on Reddit, user UncoolDad31 revealed how parents who use a Diaper Genie can save some serious money. 

“Diaper Genie Users: save the blue ring and use your own trash bags - we've saved a lot of money with this one,” he wrote.

In a photo, the dad demonstrates how to use your own bags in a Diaper Genie instead of purchasing the ones recommended for the product.



While some think the hack is a great idea, others said it wasn’t worth the time.

“The diaper genie is a self-closing garbage can with a gimmick, nothing more. In fact, the "bags" you use is a long tube of plastic that you tie off when it's full.

This is a legit hack,” wrote one person.

But as another parent wrote: “I gave this trash bag back a try and it is not at all worth the time, the odour and the agony to get the bag closed with shit smell coming your way.

“Yes it "works", but you the most desirable feature of those quick to seal, odour absorbing bags. Meh.”

What do you think? Have you tried this hack?