This NEW super-cheap Kmart Fridge Food Saver storage system is a HUGE hit!

Everyone is OBSESSED!

Writer / March 05 2019

Looks like Kmart have done it again - by helping your food last LONGER in the fridge!

Just weeks after the hugely popular release of their new $4 pantry storage system, supermarket chain store Kmart have released the  Fridge Food Saver containers. 

With prices ranging from $4 to $9, the Facebook group, Kmart Mums Australia are impressed with them - claiming they work brilliantly to keep fridge food fresh.

One shopper, Gail, showed photos of her new collection after opting for Kmart over Tupperware. 





She wrote: ‘Looking forward to giving these a test run. Unfortunately I don't have the funds to be able to buy Tupperware so hopefully these will be just as good. 

‘They come in 480ml ($4), 1.7Ltr ($7) & 4.5Ltr ($9) and have a great seal around the top. Also have dividers in them to divide the box horizontally and vertically. Thanks Kmart!’

Kmart describes the containers as ‘a super convenient kitchen essential for storing leftover food.’

Adding that they’re BPA free, dishwasher and microwave safe and include removable inserts, they add that they’re Multi-functional storage containers with adjustable air vents to maintain airflow and keep food fresher for longer.’

 The range isn’t available in all stores yet - but is currently online

Kmart has proved super-popular in recent months with Facebook groups and mums talking about their Kmart hacks, Kmart bus and tips and tricks. 



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Have you tried the new Kmart range yet?


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