The new KMART DIET! This Aussie mum lost an amazing 41.5kg!

She totally changed her whole life!

February 25 2019

Aussie mum, Sarah Hill, had a dream to fit into size 12 Kmart clothes - and look at her now!

The mum posted her before and after photos on Facebook group,  Kmart Mums Australia and Sarah - who’s a big fan of the discount super store - shared her excitement at having finally fit into all the size 12 Kmart clothes her heart desired, dropping from 130kg down to an amazing 88.8kg. 







She wrote: Little bit proud that Kmart size 12 fits me after 3 years of working my butt off - LOVE these adorable little skirts with the button detail! 

‘So lightweight and easy to pair with a cute crop 😍 Side note, the first outfit is also Kmart so I’ve been loyal throughout 😂!'

Revealing the secret behind her weight loss, Sarah told New Idea Food that she dropped more than 40kg using a combination of exercise, portion control and the popular 5:2 Diet. 

She says: ‘To be honest I had been fad dieting most of my life, I was never super happy with my body but I guess I never felt strong or motivated enough to follow through! Two years into a toxic relationship trying to raise a 6-month-old in the negative environment and then seeing the number 130(!!) on the scales nearly killed me.

‘People joke about eating your emotions but I was literally doing that, huge portions, lots of junk and hardly any fruit or veg! I wanted to change, for my daughter and for myself.

‘I guess I was lucky that I was eating so much because by cutting my portions down and stopping most of the junk food I was able to shift some weight! I left my toxic environment and felt a strength building inside of me! 




 And she explained exactly how she changed her diet effectively, 'I tried different diets like the shake diet, no carbs, meals like chicken and greens only etc but without fail I would get so glum about missing my favourite foods and I would quit and pig out; back to square one! 

‘I eventually accepted it didn’t have to be so complicated; I kept my portions reasonable added more vegetables (I substitute a lot with cauliflower mash as I’m slightly addicted to it!) and learnt to actually stop eating when I was full and satisfied!'

Sarah says it was at this point that she learnt about the 5:2 Diet, which encourages followers to eat normally for five days and restrict their diet to around 500 calories on the other two days of the week. 


‘I read about the 5:2 diet on Facebook and decided to give it a go,’ she says. ‘I didn’t see results on the scales straight away but I felt SO much healthier internally so I stuck with it.'





Sarah says her driving motivation for the weight loss was being able to run around and play with her daughter and shop in Kmart whenever she wanted.

She says: ‘My biggest turning point was realising and accepting it wasn’t going to happen overnight; or even in six months so it was better for me to enjoy my favourite foods in moderation because that way I was in control of my eating and I would stick with it long term and get myself back to being who I was years ago! 

‘All I really wanted is to be around for my daughter, be able to run and play with her and teach her to know her worth and work at what you want!’

Facebook users on Kmart Mums Australia loved Sarah's new look and were quick to praise her! ‘You look amazing, well done!’ said one. And another added,‘You look fantastic, good for you!! 😊You should be proud, it’s damn hard work!!’



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