The $20 Kmart dress EVERYONE wants!

This is what we'll all be wearing this summer...

August 15 2018

This Kmart dress is must-have for summer - according the fans of the chainstore giant. 

This $20 wrap dress that comes in two styles - Iceberg Floral and Navy Bird - is the latest buy to send the internet into a spin with fans saying it is flattering on most body shapes and sizes.

 The wrap dress comes in sizes 8-18 and so far is proving a hit in Kmart fan groups across Australia

One fan even told other followers 'When you have big boobs, wrap dresses are really hard to wear but this one works - woot!'

'It's beautiful,' said another. 'Get me one now!'

One question though - will it still be in stock by the time we get there?

Have you tried this dress? Does it really work on every body type?

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