Mum’s amazing weight loss story

“How I lost 50kg”

August 10 2018

Brisbane mother-of-one Kara Dunstan weighed 120kg at her heaviest, and wasn’t able to exercise, work, or even play with her young son, Halo.

Speaking to, the mum says she used to eat large quantities of junk food on a daily basis, including chips, ice-cream, nuggets and pizza.

“I used to ask for maple syrup on hash browns,” she says. “For breakfast I’d have two pieces of toast, four eggs with bacon and soft drink or coffee.”

She also ate in secret, going to the dog park with a bacon double cheeseburger and eating it on the way so no one would know.

But her worst addiction of all was drinking Coke, with the 25-year-old admitting she would drink 2L every day.

“My big thing was Coke,” she adds. “I’d have Coke over food any day of the week.”

After losing 30kg by following a healthy diet and exercise, Kara says she simply put it all back on again.

In the end, she opted for gastric sleeve surgery and that has helped her keep her weight down. She now works as a personal trainer and exercises regularly.

She still eats the foods she likes, she says, but her portion sizes are under control.

While proud of how far she has come, Kara says she’d like to have surgery to have the excess skin on her stomach removed.

“It affects me, and eventually I do want it removed. But the more I work out, the more I realise it’s part of myself and my story.”