How to lose weight: Scientists reveal THIS diet is the best

It burns off fat quicker than any other

September 25 2018

Adding more protein to your diet can help you lose weight and build muscle, according to a study from Denmark.

Researchers found that eating more protein can help speed up weight loss, reports the Daily Star.

The study involved 65 participants who were split into groups and given different diet plans to follow.

One group followed a calorie-restricted/low-carb diet, another consumed a diet consisting of 12 per cent protein and the third had a diet that contained 25 per cent protein.

Those on the high-protein diet came out on top in terms of weight loss.

After six months of following the diet, participants lost almost 9kg. By comparison, the low-carb dieters lost around 5kg.

The high-protein group also lost the most fat, 7.6kg compared with the low-carb group's loss of 4.3kg.

Having a wider variety of foods to choose from could partially explain the weight loss, researchers say.

“More freedom to choose between protein-rich and complex carbohydrate-rich foods may allow obese subjects to choose more lean meat and dairy products, and hence improve adherence to low-fat diets in weight reduction programs,” scientists concluded.