“My partner says if I leave him he will cut ties with our son”

This is awful

Content Editor / May 02 2019

Relationship break-ups are never easy, and when children are involved it’s invariably more complicated and difficult.

However, one Mum was distraught when she told her partner she thought they should separate, and he threatened to turn his back on their child – for good.

In a recent post on Mumsnet, she explained the difficult predicament she finds herself in.

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“We've been together for 12 years, almost 3 years ago I fell pregnant. Partner was not supportive throughout the pregnancy, he kept changing his mind whether he wanted to be involved or not, it was very stressful for me,” she explains.

The woman goes on to say that her partner has been a good father to their son for the past few years, however it all changed after a few too many arguments.

“The other day we had a big argument and I said I've had enough of the arguments and him belittling me so we should end it.

“His response was that he wouldn't see his son if we split up as he doesn't want to be a part time dad or part of a "broken" family. Apparently it would be my fault that he wouldn't see his son because I'm the one ending it.

“I know it will be hard to co parent, but surely that's better than having two parents together that argue. And surely leaving your son fatherless is worse than being a part time dad,” she wrote.

Commenters were quick to side with the mum and reassure her she was doing the right thing – and warn her that he may go for custody.

“If he could go that to his child you and your DS are much better off without him,” wrote one. “Stick with your decision and leave.”

“If he chooses to be a deadbeat dad, that's his lookout. He still has to pay maintenance whether he has contact or not,” added another.

“Definitely the next one will be that he threatens to go for custody. Ignore, ignore, ignore,” said a third.

What would you do?

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