What divorced parents are tired of hearing

'The Big Bang Theory' star hit the nail on the head.

March 29 2017

The post has resonated with her followers and has since been like over 20,000 times.

Some related with the actress saying their kids have said the same thing.

"My daughter has said basically the same thing so many times over the past 4+ years.

"I tell her that I work hard to make sure that we have a roof over our heads, food in our tummies, and clothes on our backs, because so many people around the world do not. Someday, I hope she understands I did the best that I could, and that I loved her beyond reckoning.”

Many agreed the actress should have handed them the toilet brush and "work for it".

"I hope you gave them the toilet brush and told them if they want Spotify premium they can work for it."