Husband admits he wants a divorce because his wife got pregnant with second baby


Content Editor / April 04 2019

A father of two who shared his feelings online about resenting his wife for falling pregnant a second time did not get much sympathy.

The man posted on Reddit explaining that he never wanted a second child, and now that the baby is here, he feels their lives have deteriorated and is considering a divorce.

In a post entitled “Am I the *sshole for wanting to divorce my wife for the birth of our second child”, he explained the situation.

“After the birth of our first child I discovered that I don’t like being a father,” he admitted. “I don’t feel that I am good at it.

“I told my wife I never wanted to have another kid. As our first got older I was looking forward to my wife and I being able to spend more time together without a kid around. I was also looking forward to being able to do more interesting things with our first born.”

The couple conceived a second child however, and that’s when things took a bad turn.

“My wife got pregnant and we discussed our options. We made an appointment to terminate the pregnancy, but the day before the appointment … she guilted me into cancelling,” he continued.

“She was concerned about the physical and mental consequences. Now, 2 years on after the birth of our second I still resent my wife. I love our kids more than I love her.”

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Overwhelmingly, most readers said that needed to take more responsibility.

“If you absolutely 100% didn’t want any more children, you should’ve gotten a vasectomy,” wrote one.

“Please hold yourself responsible for your damn actions,” said another. “You now have 2 children to raise, so either be a man and step it up or bail completely.”

In relation to cancelling the termination, one wrote: “Her body her choice. However, it's also your choice whether you want to continue the marriage or not.”

Another agreed saying: “For the health of everyone, divorce her and be the best Dad you can be – away from her.”

The original post has since been deleted but garnered over 600 comments from Reddit users.

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