Mum who refused abortion gives birth to three healthy bubs

She went against doctor’s advice!

October 02 2018

A mum has given birth to three healthy babies, after defying doctor’s advice to abort one of her children.

Christy Beck, 42, from Virginia, US, had borrowed $30,000 (AUD $41,000) for a round of IVF in a last-ditch attempt to have a child.

Christy and her husband Ryan were overjoyed after they transferred two embryos and an early scan showed they were pregnant with twins.

At her 12-week scan, the couple were told there was a third ‘hidden’ baby and were told to terminate one, or risk losing two of them.

They refused to do so, and Christy gave birth to Rockwell, and identical twins Cali and Elli in April 2018.

Christy admitted that she felt anxious for the duration of her pregnancy, but ultimately the gamble paid off.

“It was so heart wrenching and then every time I heard their hearts beat it would make me cry with relief.

“To have them all three come out alive and healthy without any hearing, vision or any other problems was a literal miracle.

“Every day, I’m so thankful they are in our lives, there are days when it’s hard being a triplet parent but it’s what we signed up for and are so happy to have our family.”