Heartbroken Dad discovers wife’s “multiple” affairs on Facebook

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Content Editor / May 24 2019

A father of four has revealed the devastation he felt on realising his wife of 10 years was having multiple affairs.

Seth Megow, 33, from Valdostam Georgia, made the discovery when his wife, Crissy, left her Facebook page open one day.

He revealed on Love What Matters that her behaviour had been changing slowly over the years. She sometimes wouldn’t come home at night and would be difficult to contact.

He had a hunch something was up, however this was confirmed when he found messages from flings and someone she was in a one-year relationship with on her Facebook.

Seth Megow/Instagram

Seth Megow/Instagram

“I’m just a guy who was married to my best friend for 10 years that discovered multiple affairs towards the end of our marriage. We had eight amazing years together and two years of hell.”

When he read the messages, he was dumbfounded, but tried to make some sense of it all.

“My best guess about it all was she suffered from postpartum depression and struggled with some slight substance abuse, which led to an initial affair,” he wrote.

Looking back, he says, there were other warning signs. She would frequently change her passwords, stay out at night “with friends” and pay for everything in cash.

Whenever he tried to raise the topic, it would be to no avail. "It was almost impossible to have an easy sit-down conversation about it. She was in avoidance mode, and I was in detective mode," he said.

Seth Megow/Instagram

Seth Megow/Instagram

When confronted with the information, Crissy told Seth that it wasn’t his fault, but she felt it best if they part ways.

“'She tried to console me. She would say, “You are still great. I’ve just changed. People get divorced all the time. Just let me move on with my life, and you move on with yours,’” he wrote.

Seth has since moved on with a new partner, and says he is focusing on his children, because they are his first priority.

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