Mum discovers her son, 4, CO-SLEEPS with her ex and his new partner and is FURIOUS


Content Editor / April 25 2019

Co-sleeping is a very personal choices for families, but how would you feel about your child sharing a bed with someone you didn’t know?

This is the predicament one Mum finds herself in after discovering that her son is co-sleeping with her ex and his new girlfriend.

“My ex [has] a new gf but still hasn't told me about her,” she shared on Mumsnet.

She explains that she and her son’s father split two years ago, and he’s now seeing someone else – but that she found out from their child, not him.

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“He’s still not mentioned her to me but my son has in fact met her several times and they all sleep in daddy's bed.

“I don't know this woman, all I know is that she's about 21 years old and lives with her parents.

“He definitely should have told me before introducing my son to her, let alone have them all sleep in the same bed,” she adds.

The woman finished by saying she planned to confront her ex about it, but asked if people thought she was being unreasonable about the co-sleeping – and people were very divided in their opinions.

“There's nothing you can do about this. He doesn't have to tell you about her and you can't control what he does with his son on his contact time. It might not be what you'd do, but plenty of people do, and he is,” wrote one commenter.

“Of course he should tell you if he has a new partner that will be around your kid. The same as you should tell him,” said another. “I think it's weird (the cuddling in bed with new girlfriend) because it's not like you don't exist or aren't involved.”

“I highly doubt it would be ok if it was the other way around! Or if you had a daughter sleeping in the same bed as your new boyfriend,” wrote a third.

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