SHOCK NEW INTERVIEW: Emma Wiggle opens up about her divorce, her health and her life

It's the first time she's spoken out about everything

September 11 2018

In a world first, Emma Watkins, the Yellow Wiggle, opens up about her love life, her health and her future.

The entertainer, who has split from her husband and fellow Wiggle Lachy Gillespie, will give an honest account of everything she has been through following her diagnosis of Endometriosis. 

Speaking to the ABC's Australian Story on Monday, September 17 Emma will talk bravely about her life in great detail, and why she chose to walk away from her marriage. 

'I think my health was a real start for me to think about myself, and to think about how healthy I was in myself emotionally, and spiritually and physically,' she says.

She reveals it was her health problems which led her to evaluate her life and ultimately decide to split from Lachy Wiggle, who is the Purple Wiggle. 

Featuring interviews with Blue Wiggle Anthony Field and her doctor, it's the first time she has openly talked about the breakdown of her relationship, and the pressure on her to be a Wiggle.



'Emma is number one,' reveals Anthony. 'She's the Elvis of The Wiggles. You look into the audience and 60, 80 per cent of the children are dressed like Emma.'

The Show Must Go On - Emma Watkins, Australian Story, ABC, Monday September 17, 8pm

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