Wiggles update: Look who’s caught in the middle of the Emma and Lachy shock split

There's another twist to this really sad story

August 12 2018

It’s the surprise break-up we never saw coming, but now fans of The Wiggles are worried there’s an innocent victim caught up in the separation drama. 

Emma and Lachy who announced their marriage breakdown just last week, have made no secret that they have a “son” – their beloved cat, Basil who features on his own Instagram page where they are listed as ‘mom’ and ‘dad’.

Basil's Instagram page with Emma and Lachy listed as 'Mom' and 'Dad'

Basil's Instagram page with Emma and Lachy listed as 'Mom' and 'Dad'

Basil The Recovery Cat is even set to appear in Emma's solo TV show, Emma, currently being filmed. The show, directed by Anthony Wiggle, features Basil as one of its stars - as seen on her Instagram page over the weekend.

And just last week Lachy premiered his new song on International Cat Day called Basil The Cat. To fans delight, the Wiggle released a video of himself at home on his piano singing a catchy song about the cute little moggy.

But what will happen to poor Basil now that the couple have split? Will they share custody? Who will look after him now they are living apart?

"Basil is loved by Wiggles fans," says Julia Wright who has a twins aged two who love The Wiggles. "So we're all looking out for him. We know he's loved by them both so we hope he's OK."

One thing's for sure, now that Basil has his own song and is starring in Emma's TV show, he’ll soon be a star in his own right!