It's the photo Wiggles fans have been hoping for!

Are they back together?

Writer / August 26 2018

This Instagram pic sent Wiggles fan into a spin after they saw it on social media yesterday.

Purple Wiggle Lachy posted the picture of himself with Yellow Wiggle Emma at a sound-check for their own tour, The Emma and Lachy Show, with the pair looking very happy to be together. Emma was clasping her hands to her chest while Lachy beamed at the camera.

Emma and Lachy married two years ago but announced their separation earlier this month – but they’ll still stay in the band together.

Sound check kind of morning 🌞 @thewiggles
Sound check kind of morning 🌞 @thewiggles

Now fans are hoping that this photo means they might get back together.

 ‘You don’t post a picture like this – unless there’s hope!’ said one on Facebook.

 ‘Are they trying to tell us something? #reunion #backtogether,’ said another.

'You guys had better work things out!' said one fan who clearly loves the duo together on and off-screen. 

 Neither Lachy or Emma commented on the Instagram post and have openly admitted that they are still the very best of friends despite their split which came after a trial separation.

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