The Wiggles star Lachy 'turns to ex-girlfriend for support'

Brianne was standing in for Emma when she was in hospital

Writer / August 20 2018

After he separated from wife, Emma Watkins, Wiggles star Lachlan Gillespie reportedly confided in his ex-girlfriend Brianne Turk, who bears a striking resemblance to yellow Wiggle Emma.

According to a weekly magazine, while Emma was in hospital Brianne replaced her in Wiggles performances, but Emma had no idea the actress had previously dated her husband, ten years before.

‘It's the secret they didn't want anyone to know,’ the insider told the publication who claimed Brianne was Lachlan’s first big love back in 2008.

‘I know Brianne was asked to remove any photos of herself with Lachy and she even reached out to friends and asked them to also remove any old photos. It was like they wanted to erase Brianne and Lachy's romantic history,’ the source told Woman’s Day.

What’s more, when Lachlan’s marriage started to breakdown, Brianne was the first person he turned to for moral support.

‘I know he was confiding in her. She became a shoulder for him to cry on,’ the insider went onto claim.

 There’s no suggestion the couple were together while Lachy and Emma were married.

Emma and Lachy on their wedding day

Emma and Lachy on their wedding day

The mag also went on to say ‘Lachy was distraught over the breakdown of his marriage, and told Brianne that the biggest issue was that Emma wanted to delay having children to focus on her career.'

In February, Lachlan moved out of his marital home after Emma requested a trial separation.

 Earlier this month, the couple announced their official split.

 A few days ago, Lachlan spoke about their decision.

 ‘It's life,' he told The Daily Telegraph while adding their 'paths had changed and things were not working as a couple.'

‘To be able to realise as a couple that we were going different ways and to stay as close as we are is a real testament, I think, to both of us,' he added.

'I love her more now than anything and she loves me more than anything.' 


The Wiggles with Emma

The Wiggles with Emma

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