First photos of baby abandoned in WA, PLUS heart-wrenching letter is revealed

Australian police are still trying to fin his birth mother

March 24 2019

The Perth woman who discovered the newborn baby abandoned outside a WA medical centre, has written a heartfelt letter to the boy's mother, urging her to come forward and get help.

The woman, who has chosen to stay anonymous, found the little boy - named ‘Raheel’ according to a note from his birth mum - wrapped in a blanket in a box at Booragoon on Wednesday.

Talking to 9News, the woman revealed she had written a letter in the hope she could get through Raheel's mum and help her to come forward.



The letter reads,

"My words to the mother.

Mum, I know you are deeply broken...

"The tears I've cried, I've cried for you. Some in public and some alone. I know you are deeply broken… I'm truly sorry that you have been pushed so far over the edge having to let go of your baby.

"You need to hear and know that you are forgiven.

"I urge you to seek medical attention and to look after yourself.

"You need to know that you are loved. You might feel condemned and you might hate yourself for the decision you've made to leave your baby at the door of this medical practice.

"But, you've done that, because I believe you wanted to make sure your baby will be in good hands.”

Despite appeals for Raheel’s mother to come forward — and assurances from the police that she is NOT in trouble — she is yet to be traced.

“We are yet to make contact with the mother, we would still appeal to her, or anyone that knows who she is to make contact with police or department of communities,” Chief Commissioner Chris Dawson said.

Comm. Dawson said authorities do not want her to be ashamed, but only care for her safety.

“Police have no interest in pursuing criminal charges against the mother of that infant our primary concern is to make sure her welfare is addressed.”


Booragoon Medical Centre

Booragoon Medical Centre


Little Raheel was left in a cardboard box, wrapped in an old towel last week outside Garden City Medical Centre in Booragoon, Perth.

These photos are thought to be the first of the little boy, who has attracted national attention. 

He was less than 24-hours when he was found by staff who work at the centre in WA. Inside the box was the newborn baby, who still had his umbilical cord attached, and a note explaining that he was called Raheel which can mean 'traveller' or 'innocent'.

It's assumed the baby had only been left for about ten minutes when he was found at 7.50am and police were called. 







The baby wasn't hurt or injured and is said to be doing well. 

'The baby is fine... he's doing well and he was taken to Perth Children's Hospital for assessment,' Detective Sergeant Dixie Johnson told reporters.  

Hundreds of well-wishers have come forward with offers to adopt Raheel, following the news of his abandonment.


Anyone with any information regarding the identity of the mother is asked to call police or contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.




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