The big baby photo that's divided the internet!

This is an 8.41kg newborn - but is it for real?

March 24 2019

This is the birth photo that has divided social media!

Appearing on various pages on Facebook with the comment 'Natural Birth!!!!!!!. 18lb 9ozs' but no other information, it looks to be a picture of a doctor holding a huge newborn. 

While many are amazed at the size of the child, others are labelling it a hoax.

'Newborns heads are bigger than their body's so this must be fake,' said one.

'1st this looks like a C-section from the back ground. 2nd if the baby really weighed that, I worry about the lack of prenatal care. No doctor would let a baby get that big. But others believe the photo might just be real?' said another

'It can't be a fake baby, it's too life-like,' said one. 

With no more information it's difficult to say for sure but according according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the biggest baby to survive infancy was born in Italy in 1955 and clocked in at a remarkable 22lbsm 8ozs (10.2kg). 

What do you think of the photo?



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