Delivery man refuses to help heavily pregnant mum with shopping

He let her walk up and down stairs with her crying toddler upstairs

October 02 2018

A heavily pregnant mum was left to fight her way up two flights of stairs with armfuls of shopping after a supermarket delivery man just dumped her shopping in her apartment block doorway.

The delivery man, who said he had run out of shopping bags, told her he 'would rather not' help her bring $400 worth of shopping upstairs to her apartment where her two-year-old son was crying.

The mum, Amy Natasha Botten from the UK,  posted a video of the whole exchange on her Facebook page.


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She told her followers, 'This shouldn’t be happening to anyone, putting aside bad health, lonely and elderly, disabled, pregnant!! It should NOT BE HAPPENING. It’s called HOME delivery.

I just had to carry £200 monthly shop up two flights of stairs alone, pregnant with pelvic problems. No choice but to leave my son on his own crying.'

The video sparked a furious reaction online, with Amy's followers branding it 'disgusting' and demanding the driver be sacked, especially when he shrugs after Amy asks him why the shopping isn't packed in bags as requested. He appears to tell her 'no more bags as he packs up and starts wheeling his pallets away, she says: 'Can you not be a decent person?'





A spokesman for the supermarket Asda said, 'We always try to offer our customers great service but clearly we got it wrong on this occasion and we are truly sorry. 

'We have offered our full apologies to Ms Botten and are in contact with her to try and make amends.'

On her Facebook page, Amy revealed that the supermarket had been in touch saying, 'Feltham asda gave me a bottle of champagne and some flowers and couldn’t apologise enough for the driver not doing his job. (No I won’t be drinking it and no I didn’t record this for compensation) 
I have now also had an email from executive relations apologising again and we have arranged to talk about what Asda will be doing to ensure that their customers always get the service they deserve.'

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