Mum is told she has 'let herself go' and her response is EPIC!

You go girl!

October 02 2018

An angry mum who was told she had 'let herself go' by a friend has responded in style - and her reply has gone viral.

Amy Weatherley, a mum-of-three, revealed that her pal made the comment after she'd had her third baby.


Amy wrote on Facebook, in a response that has been shared thousands of times, that the comment really upset her and she found it cruel.

“I kept thinking about my words, they kept rolling through my head over and over that day and left me feeling like crap,” she said.

“I knew I didn’t look the same as I did before, but had I actually let myself go? Ten extra pounds and a messy bun would point to yes, but my heart screamed “HECK TO THE NO YOU HAVE NOT, GIRLFRIEND.

“I’m more confident now. I’m more sure of myself. I’m less likely to cry over a breakout, or miss out on a night with my girls because of dirty hair."





“I’m less likely to slip into a mild depression because someone decided they didn’t like me, or pile on the insecurity because I wasn’t invited to that party.

“Truth is, I kind of like myself now, definitely more than I did before. I wouldn’t go back to that girl with the good hair for all the skinny jeans and skinny lattes in the world.”

She continued her rant by saying, “Why do we continue to call out moms and grown women just because they don’t care about keeping up with the Kardashians and the Taylor Swifts and the Barbie dolls of the world any longer?

“If we step back and think about it and keep our judgemental mouths shut, there’s a good chance we’ll find they haven’t let themselves go at all."




She added, "The world shouldn’t be putting her down. The world shouldn’t be worried about her. The world should be standing up and applauding her like crazy. The world should be working to follow in her fierce footsteps towards freedom

“So the next time you personally start to get down because you don’t look the same, or dress the same, or feel the same as you did two/five/ten years ago, I hope you’ll remember this:

You haven’t let yourself go. Stop saying that. It’s rude. It’s derogatory, and it’s downright absurd. You haven’t let yourself go, you have simply let go of the need to look perfect all of the time.”

Here, here!

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