See the shocking makeshift car seat police discovered!

This is unbelievable!

April 01 2019

This shocking photo, released by Victorian police, was taken when cops pulled over a car load of people driving without wearing seatbelts.

But when police looked in the back of the car, they were even more horrified.


Victorian Police

Victorian Police


Police revealed the passengers had tried to secure the seven-month-old baby into this bouncer chair, using multiple seat belts - the ones they should have been wearing. 

It's a sight that horrified the police so much, they decided to release the image as a warning to others. 

The driver of the car was fined  $900 for having three unrestrained passengers in the car.


In Australia, if you're driving with a child in the car, the law states:

  • Children aged less than six months must use an approved rearward facing restraint like a baby capsule.

  • Children aged between six months and under four years must use an approved rearward facing child restraint or a forward facing restraint.

  • Children aged between four and seven must use an approved forward facing restraint or an approved booster seat which is properly positioned and fastened.

For more information on booster seats, go here 


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