Day care centre leaves toddler behind after trip to the park

The mum is thankful to the woman who found her son.

March 01 2017

Lynda Deshommes, New Jersey, dropped off her 18-month-old son, Nathaniel, off at day care last Friday where he was taken to West Side Park in Newark, ABC 7 reports.

Following the excursion, everyone arrived back at the centre - except for Nathaniel.

Jennifer Ewens was in the park with her daughter and nephew and noticed the boy was alone. She comforted Nathaniel until a member of the daycare returned for the boy; however, as the woman didn’t know the boy’s name, Ewens refused to let him go until the police arrived.

"I didn't want her to take the baby and pretend like nothing happened," she told ABC 7. "Even when you're in the park with them, you can't turn your back for a second. Because you never know what can happen."

Deshommes told the publication that she appreciated everything Ewens did for her son.

The incident is currently being investigated.