Constance Hall hits back at critic who judged her parenting

"Ain't no-one got time for that"

December 27 2018

While enjoying a roadtrip with her family, blogger Constance Hall received a message on social media from someone criticising her parenting skills.

No stranger to criticism or controversy, Con quickly responded in an Instagram story to set things straight.

“I just had to block someone on Instagram,” she explains. “She messaged me and she said ‘your son just tried to get you to look at his artwork and you didn’t look at it and it was obvious … you could see it in his face.’”

“And that person that messaged me that I didn’t even know, that it was colouring in with those tiny little bits, those tiny little colouring in bits that he’s asked me to look at every single part that has been coloured in, and I’ve looked at it,” she continued.

“And when I did that Instagram story I was halfway through a 6.5 hour roadtrip. Now do you know how many pieces of artwork I looked at on that roadtrip?”

“So before you judge a mum, and get all bitchy, just remember she’s just gonna block you, cos ain’t no-one got time for that sh*t.”

The mum of seven then shared some sweet moments playing with her children on the beach as they enjoyed their holiday together.

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