Constance Hall posts heartbreaking message on Facebook

So sad

Content Editor / May 15 2019

Veteran blogger and author Constance Hall has posted a heartbreaking message on her Facebook page.

The mum of seven posted a photo of herself crying and admits she’s at her breaking point as a mother.

“I woke up this morning and burst into tears,” she wrote. “Raja is not sleeping. I can’t breast feed him anymore because he has chewed my nipples to the point of them bleeding and for weeks I’ve been calling out in pain when he does.

“He sits on my face, hitting my head, crying at me, pulls my hair, yanks at my nose ring, I put him in his cot and he stands there screaming until I cave.

“I give him a bottle, he drinks them for Denim but never if I am around. And then the sun comes up.

“And I look out the window to the sound track of Raja crying and I know I have another shit day ahead of me.. trying not to fall asleep at the wheel.”

The Dancing with the Stars alumni admits she took on too much when her youngest, Raja, was little.

“I just let him feed all night so I could sleep and wake up and work and look after all these fucking kids and be the ‘supermum’ that everyone expected me to be,” she adds.

And while she did try controlled crying with her twins, she felt that doing so with a single baby would be a cop out – and now he wants to feed all night long.

“So this morning I sat up, knowing that my husband was just wanting for me to take him so that he could get some sleep.

“I looked at Raja. I looked at my husband and instead of doing what I do every day, grabbing the baby, changing his nappy. Packing everyone’s lunches, making 6 breakfasts. I cried.

“I’m too tired. Everything and everyone can f*ck off. I have ran myself a bath and I’m back in bed.

“Yes Denim has probably put the wrong sandwiches in the wrong school bags and everyone will probably be late for school and feeling a bit weird that I’m not the one doing it.

“But f*** it. I’ve reached my limit.”

Wishing Constance all the best and hoping she gets the rest she needs!

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