Constance Hall: ‘Why I'm breaking the rules this time around’

Beautiful new pics of her new blended family

August 02 2018

Everyone’s favourite Queen Constance Hall recently opened up to New Idea about life, love and living in a blended family.

Con, her husband Denim and their brood of seven posed for a beautiful family portrait, with new baby boy Raja front and centre.

It’s been a busy time for Constance, splitting from ex-husband Bill Mahon, then starting a new relationship and marrying Denim Cooke, followed by a new baby.

Constance reveals that Denim is a very hands-on dad, but says she still feels most of the load lies with her.

Constance with husband Denim and new son Raja

Constance with husband Denim and new son Raja

“I still find things to pick on,” she says. “I think women just get it more with a new baby. My mum, for example, doesn’t give the baby back if he’s crying and she’ll just give him a bath without being asked.

"It’s different parenting techniques this time around. We followed all the ‘rules’ before, but I’m able to function like a normal human this time!"

So how does she manage to juggle seven kids, her writing, plus a clothing range?

“I make it work,” she says. “F*ck the housework. You realise what’s important [with a new baby]. For the books and clothes the energy comes. It’s my ‘me’ time.

“I don’t do stuff like yoga. I couldn’t think of anything worse.”

Constance Hall: 'You realise what's important with a new baby.'

Constance Hall: 'You realise what's important with a new baby.'

Blending her children, Denim’s children and their new baby has meant a few shifts for everybody.

“Denim’s kids are used to having him 100 per cent. Same with my kids. Now there’s this unit of three of us in the middle."

The author is taking it all in her stride through.

“Things are constantly evolving and what was a worry last week isn’t a worry now,” she says.

Photos by Frances Andrijich