‘How I feed a family of eight for just $250 a week’

Blogger Krechelle Carter shares her tips for grocery shopping on a budget

Content Editor / July 26 2018

Mum of six and blogger at Eight At Home, Krechelle Carter, says the secret to feeding a big family is shopping for food on special and making one meal – no substitutes or alternatives.

“Our weekly budget is $250 a week, sometimes with a top-up shop for bulk items once a month,” the Adelaide mum explains.

“I don’t meal plan and I don’t go shopping with a list. I buy the cheapest items per kilo and make recipes out of that.” To keep to her budget, Krechelle also buys homebrand basics, lots of fresh fruit and veggies, and says she sticks to what she needs – no overbuying.

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A big fan of buying whatever is on special, Krechelle recently snagged a $22 piece of meat and stretched it out to make 24 separate meals.

When it comes to dinner time, Krechelle says she likes to keep it simple. “Meat, broccoli and sweet potato are staples in our house, plus we love a good pasta dish.”

Krechelle also tells her children than she’ll make one meal, and if they don’t like it, too bad.

“We don’t have alternative options and this has always worked for us. I think because we’ve always been consistent and never give in; the kids know there is no other option.”

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While many mums are fans of cooking in advance, Krechelle says she prefers to make everything fresh.

“I really like fresh meals and reheated meals, while convenient, just don’t have the same freshness,” she explains. “I sometimes make a double batch but that’s the closest I come to meal prep.”

Krechelle’s kids also help out with the evening meal by setting the table and help clear away at the end.

“My kids help to bring the plates and cutlery. They also know how to empty plates and clean up after meals,” the blogger explains. “it’s an awesome way to get everyone involved and gets things done quicker.”