Aussie mum is attacked for Facebook post demanding childless people STOP judging her

She's opened one big can of worms

November 15 2018

An Aussie mum who posted an angry letter to any childless person who judges her and her kids has come under fire for her controversial comments.

Laura Mazza, who blogs as Mum On The Run, wrote a clearly emotional piece on her own page aimed at childless people who have attacked her parenting. Laura has two small children and speaks candidly and honestly about parenting day-in, day-out. You can read her blog here.

In her open letter, she reveals she is fed up with being targetted for how she parents from others who do not have children, and do not understand who tough life can be.

She says,

Dear childless people...

You don’t get to judge me. Or any other parent for that matter. EVER.

If I write about a bad day with my toddler, who threw a tantrum because the air blew in the wrong direction. You are not allowed to call me a shitty parent. Why? Because you’ve never parented... IN YOUR LIFE. Because toddlers get exhausted, because TWO year olds have tiny little unhinged frontal lobes that are developing... BECAUSE SHE IS TWO, and you’ve never had a TWO YEAR OLD.

If I complain that it’s been a hard day. YOU DON’T GET TO SAY “OH WHY HAVE KIDS THEN?” ... why eat food Brenda, when you’re just going to s*** it out? Okay, kids are not comparable to s***, but your attitude is, DYLAN. You sleep your 8 hours a night. You don’t see the struggles of being exhausted, of rocking a child to sleep for the 5th time, of trying to nurture, grow and develop a young strong willed child while surviving on left over cocopops and cold coffee. YOU EAT YOUR FOOD HOT. You don’t see the effort we put in and the loneliness we feel. The pressure and the judgement we face. You don’t.


Laura's post attracted A LOT of attention with some mums agreeing with her and some feeling very angry about what she had written - many of them women who were struggling to conceive.

But Laura was quick to ensure her fans that her comments were not aimed at people who couldn't have children, they were simply aimed at mainly men who comment on the kind of parent they think she is. 

Writing a reply to a comment she said, 

'This is in no way shape or form about people who cannot conceive. I can’t defend myself in every comment about that, so I’ll say this right here. 
Every single day I get comments from people saying “this is why I’ll never have ratbag kids...” or “you had postnatal depression? Why have children” etc etc... EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Some comment about how my kids or I are shit. This is for the assholes, please don’t take away from my struggles by confusing that because that is in no way shape or form what I meant. Some of the closest people to me that I know have struggled and I’d never speak about them in this way.' 




Laura has been very open about her own struggles with post-natal depression and anxiety in her blog and on Facebook. 

What do you think about the whole thing?