You won't believe what this mum did with a dirty nappy after a fight in a carpark!

Yep, she really did do this...

September 02 2018

A mum has revealed how she ended a shocking car park row by slapping a dirty nappy on a man's windscreen!

The anonymous mum-of-twins (who posted a picture of her sons but not herself) revealed that she lost her temper after a man without children refused to move from the parents-with-prams parking space.

Facebook/Make Mine A Double

Facebook/Make Mine A Double

She explained that after visiting a supermarket she returned to the car park, 'When I got back to my car an oversized, too old to be a boy racer, pulled into the PARENT AND BABY space next to me as if it was a F1 Pitt stop. The break neck speed made me s*** my pants a little... 

'I politely gave my sweetest smile and said, "I'm sorry you may not have noticed but these are parent and baby spaces."


'Just it's really tricky to get a space, sort a baby out, let alone two and get a DOUBLE trolley, especially when it's about to rain.' I pointed at the sky

'Not my problem love,' retorted the bearded Hobbit

The mum then explained that the man swore at her and made a comment about her weight. 

She said, 'Now normally I wouldn't have have lowered to this sort of public outburst but there are very special days when I'm extremely tired and hungry.'

'As I turned to the boys in the car there was an overwhelming smell. My heart sank. Then I decided to get even. I used my bad nappy for good. A little justice for all knackered parents who have been f***** over with similar t***** McTwat faces' abusing these parking spaces and have had similar experiences.

'Yes that's right.... I did it!! I stuck my dirty nappy to his windscreen, securing it with his windscreen wiper.

'I felt instantly better! I'm just sorry I didn't have the time to hang round to see his reaction. I did receive affirmation from another woman who must have witnessed the incident "Thats genius" as she walked off with a smile.'

There's no word if the mum got caught or what the driver's reaction was but boy, we would have loved to have seen it! However, her story has now gone viral with more than 33k Likes on Facebook!

Have you ever lost your temper in a car park?

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