Pink's husband has huge row in Brisbane over mobile phone

The dad couldn't believe what was happening...

Writer / August 21 2018


Pink’s husband, Carey Hart, had a blazing row at the forecourt of an Aussie petrol station.

The dad-of-two, who is currently in Brisbane, was stunned when a stranger approached him and accused him of putting everyone’s ‘life in danger’.

The woman blasted a confused Carey for using his mobile phone while filling up with petrol.

‘I just got into an argument with a woman at a gas station in Brisbane,’ he wrote. ‘She told me I was putting everyone’s life in danger by using my phone at the gas pump. That if I had the light turned on, accidentally dropped it, the phone would light the fumes, the station would blow up and kill us all.’

He added, ‘What he f*** is wrong with people?????? You got some serious scare tactics over here lol’

His fans then debated if the woman was right to ask him to turn off his phone will filling up with petrol as there’s a long-held belief that sparks of static electricity can ignite fumes.

But many said that whole theory had been debunked by the Discovery Channel’s show Mythbusters way back in 2003.

‘Myth Busters killed that concept a long time ago…nothing will happen,’ wrote one.

And another added, ‘In the UK petrol stations won’t unlock the pump if you’er using your phone. It’s normal here to not use your phone while filling up.’ 



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